ANNARETTO started as a hobby during the COVID-19 pandemic and has since grown into a company. Find out more about our team below.


“Every experience in life is connected to flavours and smells. ANNARETTO is about sharing your experiences and memories in a unique way.”

Back in 2020, Anna started ANNARETTO. First she invited friends to give her input on her creations. They were enthusiastic and the popularity of ANNARETTO grew, so much so that Anna decided to offer ANNARETTO as a product.

As the head of ANNARETTO, Anna takes care of everything from production to white label sales.

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“ANNARETTO is about making memories and finding flavours that suit you perfectly. I want to share that with you!”

Mina joined ANNARETTO in 2021 after loving the product and wanting to help bring it to others.

Using her creative talents, Mina helps bring ANNARETTO to the world via social media, events and the webshop.

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