ANNARETTO is an almond-based, sweet amaretto liqueur.

Our ANNARETTO is based on a sweet combination of almond and vanilla extracts, alcohol and caramelised sugar that gives it it’s warm, brown colour.

The little bitter

The name amaretto is derived from the Italian word “amarothat means “bitter“. It is used to describe bitter aperitifs and digestifs. The suffix “etto” translates to “little“. That’s why “amaretto” is often interpreted as “little bitter“.

The tale of Amaretto

While it’s known that the drink was made in Italy, pinning down its exact origin story can be tricky. Two different families claim responsibility for the cordial, with both having equally interesting stories to back up their claim.
The Lazzaroni family of Saronno, Italy, claims the title as the inventors of amaretto. They invented the Lazzaroni amaretto cookies around 1786 for the King of the region. Then, in 1851, they created the Amaretto Liqueur, which consisted of an infusion of their cookies with a little caramel for colour.
Another legend from the Reina family (who formerly worked for the Lazzaroni family) tells of amaretto being created by a widow who posed for Renaissance painter Bernardino Luini in 1525. The widow fell in love with the painter and made her amaretto potion for him. Her original recipe has purportedly been handed down from generation to generation without change, and is currently marketed as Disaronno® Originale Liqueur.

How to Drink ANNARETTO

ANNARETTO can be served on its own over ice for a delicious dessert drink.
It is very adaptable, mixing Well with a variety of flavours, from fruits to coffee and cinnamon to ginger.
Amaretto is found in creamy cocktails, adds a sweet touch to martinis, And is used to create delicious drinks that have a sweeter profile. It also gives a nice depth to fruity highballs.

Here are some great recipes:

Café Amore Cocktail

Warm, nutty, and delicious, the café amore is a fantastic hot coffee cocktail. Its beauty lies in its simplicity, with the combination of cognac and amaretto creating a warm and inviting flavour that you’re sure to fall in love with.


Scotch whisky and amaretto come together wonderfully in the simple but satisfying godfather. Requiring only those two ingredients, this slow sipping lowball is a fantastic way to dress up scotch. As a bonus, the drink’s profile will change with each scotch you pour; try it with a smooth blended whisky or a semi-peaty single malt and taste the difference for yourself.

Cinnamon Toasty Shooter

The cinnamon toasty is one of the best-tasting shots you’ll find, and it is perfectly smooth, so it goes down nice and easy (maybe a little too easy, even). To make it, you only need two common liqueurs, and it’s perfect for a party because it almost tastes better when shared with a group of friends.

The Kool Aid Shooter

Are you ready for a fun round of party shots designed to taste like Kool-Aid? Just as the popular juice drink comes in many flavors, you will find that every kool aid mixed drink is a little different. They are all filled with tasty fruit flavours, are easy to mix up, and you don’t even have to mix up a sugary batch of actual Kool-Aid—save that for the kids.

Bocce Ball

The bocce ball is a throwback drink that will never lose its appeal. As amaretto’s answer to the screwdriver, it showcases the wonderful flavour sensation of amaretto and orange juice. Add vodka for a stiffer drink or keep it nice and mellow without it. This is a great choice any time of day and works just as well at brunch as it does during happy hour.


For drinkers who prefer vodka, there’s the godmother. Without the whiskey background, it’s a little softer but just as pleasant. It’s an easy pouring and slow sipping drink that’s the perfect way to end a night, especially when cooler weather begins.

Toasted Almond

As you explore amaretto’s mixability, you’ll quickly notice that coffee is one of the best pairings for this liqueur. In this toasted almond mixed drink, amaretto and coffee liqueur come together in perfect harmony. Adding milk or cream creates a lighter version of the white Russian, though you can add vodka for a roasted toasted almond.

French Connection

Another brilliant pairing for amaretto, the French connection mixes the almond liqueur with cognac. Best with top-shelf spirits, it’s a great way to sweeten up and soften a good brandy. Enjoy it on the rocks or straight, this two-ingredient drink is charming either way. The combo also works well with hot coffee, which is sometimes called French connection coffee.

Amaretto Sour

The amaretto sour is a classic cocktail that came out of American bars during the 1970s. Made with just a few ingredients, it’s also easy to mix up, and there are several tasty variations to explore. Since it’s the lone liquor, this cocktail is best with top-shelf brands of amaretto. It’s also an excellent use for homemade amaretto. Freshly squeezed lemon juice is essential because the bottled varieties simply won’t make a great sour cocktail.

Triple Espresso Martini

There’s no need to brew coffee when you want to enjoy that taste in an amaretto cocktail. Instead, pick up a bottle of espresso vodka and use it in the triple espresso martini. It’s a tasty three-ingredient drink, and the coconut rum is a brilliant surprise.

Italian Margarita

Though it’s made worldwide today, amaretto has roots in Italy, so it’s only natural to find it in an Italian margarita. In this recipe, the liqueur is added to the typical margarita ingredients of tequila, triple sec, and lime juice, giving the drink a lush sweetness. Choose an aged reposado tequila and serve it with an extra shot of amaretto on the side, if you like.

Blueberry Tea

Some cocktails are like a chemistry experiment in which a particular flavour is created with totally unrelated ingredients. This blueberry tea is a perfect example because you won’t find any blueberries in the recipe. However, when a deeply flavored orange liqueur, amaretto, and orange pekoe tea come together, the warm cocktail hints at the sweet berries.