King it on! (Special Edition 04|23)


“King It On” amaretto captures the spirit of Kingsday with its regal blend of nutty pistachio and sweet vanilla extracts. The orange hue of the drink adds a bold and bright touch, while its aroma is a captivating bouquet of sweet and fruity notes. Indulge in the velvety-smooth texture fit for royalty and toast to Kingsday with every sip.


Our “King It On” amaretto is a true feast for the senses, crafted to capture the vibrant spirit of Kingsday in every sip. This limited edition drink is a regal blend of rich vanilla and nutty pistachio extracts, creating a velvety-smooth texture that envelops the palate in decadence fit for royalty. The orange hue of the drink is reminiscent of the bold and bright colors of Kingsday celebrations, and its aroma is a captivating bouquet of sweet, nutty, and fruity notes.

The pistachio nut extract brings a regal touch to the drink, evoking images of lavish banquets and extravagant desserts, while the vanilla extract adds a creamy sweetness that conjures up visions of fine pastries and confections. Together, these flavors create a perfect harmony that reigns supreme, making our “King It On” amaretto a truly royal treat that captures the essence of Kingsday in every sip.

So, raise a glass of this majestic drink and toast to the rich history and traditions of Kingsday, while indulging in the luxurious and decadent flavor of our “King It On” amaretto.

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Buttery, Cacao, Caramel, Coffee, Dried Fruit, Malt, Nuts, Vanilla


Pistachio nut, Vanilla



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King it on! (Special Edition 04|23)
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