• Simple Amaretto Sour Cocktail

    Simple Amaretto Sour Cocktail

    The amaretto sour is a classic cocktail that came out of American bars during the 1970s. Made with just a few ingredients, it’s also easy to mix up, and there are several tasty variations to explore. Since it’s the lone liquor, this cocktail is best with top-shelf brands of amaretto. It’s also an excellent use…

  • French Connection Cocktail

    French Connection Cocktail

    Hey, all you amaretto fans out there – have you tried the French Connection cocktail yet? It’s the perfect combo of almond liqueur and cognac, and trust me, it’s a match made in heaven. For the best experience, go for top-shelf spirits – it’s the perfect way to sweeten up and mellow out a good…

  • Roasted Almond Cocktail

    Roasted Almond Cocktail

    If you’re looking to mix things up, coffee is the way to go. And let me tell ya, when you pair amaretto with coffee liqueur, it’s pure magic. The toasted almond cocktail is where it’s at – amaretto and coffee liqueur working together like a well-oiled machine. If you’re feeling like something creamy, add milk…

  • Godmother Cocktail

    Godmother Cocktail

    If you’re a vodka fan, then you gotta check out the Godmother cocktail. It’s like the Godfather’s softer, gentler cousin – still just as enjoyable, but without the whiskey kick. This easy-drinking, slow-sipping cocktail is the perfect way to cap off your night, especially when the temps start to drop. So cozy up, pour yourself…

  • Godfather Cocktail

    Godfather Cocktail

    Listen up, folks! The Godfather cocktail is a killer combo of Scotch whisky and amaretto that you can enjoy in a slow, seductive manner. It’s the perfect way to take your Scotch to the next level, and let’s be real – it’s a badass drink that commands attention. What’s even cooler is that you can…

  • The Bocce Ball

    The Bocce Ball

    The Bocce Ball cocktail is a total blast from the past that’ll never go out of style. It’s like the amaretto version of the screwdriver, and let me tell you, the flavor combo of amaretto and orange juice is outta this world! If you’re feeling like a real tough guy, toss in some vodka for…

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