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    May-Be (Special Edition 05|23)


    Indulge in “May-Be” amaretto this May! A dark, long-caramelized treat with chocolate and hazelnut extracts that will keep you guessing. Perfect for sipping and savoring, it’s a sweet and satisfying treat you won’t want to miss!

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    DONKER amaretto liquor is a rich and luxurious drink with a deep caramel color and complex flavor profile, thanks to a long caramelization process that brings out the natural sweetness and nuttiness of the almonds, perfect for savoring slowly.

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    Sweet vanilla


    Sweet Vanilla amaretto liquor is a creamy and indulgent celebration of the beloved vanilla flavor, offering a simple and comforting taste experience.

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    De import


    De Import amaretto liquor is a sophisticated blend of smooth cinnamon rum, bold coffee, and spicy Speculaas herbs extracts, reminiscent of traditional Dutch speculaas cookies, creating a warming and satisfying taste experience.

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    Tortuga amaretto liquor is a tropical delight with the smoothness of cinnamon rum, the sweetness of coconut and date extracts, and a warm kick of cinnamon that transports you to a carefree Caribbean paradise.

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